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Fake Monster/Vampire Blood
Use this fake blood to fool everyone. Looks like the real thing!!!
Fart Putty Noisemaker
Just squeeze the putty in this cup and then look around to see their faces as they wonder who made that sound. Perfect for dinner parties!
Metal Handcuff Set with Deluxe Keys
Deluxe Metal Handcuffs with 2 Skeleton Keys. Great Gag!
Jumbo Sunglasses
Don't leave home without them!
Potato Pellet Gun
Just stick the gun nozzle into a real potato and pull out a pellet. Harmless pellets shoot up to 15 feet.
Fake Blood, Fart Putty, Fart Cup, Metal Handcuffs, Jumbo Sunglasses, Potato Pellet Gun
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The Practical Joke Store Online

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Flashing Teeth -- Flashing Mouthpiece
Soft plastic mouthpiece with 4 brilliant flashing lights. Wear it behind your teeth and the lights shine through. Great novelty for parties!...and walking around the mall, boardwalk, amusement park, etc., etc.!
Fake Blood Capsules
Just bite down on 1 of these capsules and see the horror in your friends eyes as 'blood' starts oozing from your mouth. The perfect party gag. 4 pieces per pack.
John Lennon Style Sun Glasses
John Lennon Style Sun Glasses 100% UV Protection
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