Practical Jokes and Pranks
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Joy Buzzer -- Hand Buzzer
The classic practical buzzes when you shake hands! Metal.
Fake Lottery Tickets - Guaranteed Winners 3 Pack
These tickets are guaranteed winners! NOT! Up to $50,000. Just scratch and play. Then watch their faces when they think they won!!! Pack of 3.
Instant Gel Joke
Instantly transform someone's beverage into non edible sludge. Each vial yeilds about 5 cups or glasses of sludge. One vial per package.
Itching Powder
The perfect gag for that 'special' someone. Just sprinkle a little on clothing or worse yet...underwear??? Imagine.
Disappearing Ink
"Accidentally" squirt on someone's clothing. Then vanishes completely in a couple seconds. Amazing!
Dollar Bill Snatcher
A Dropped Dollar Leaps Back Into Your Hand!
Classic Dribble Glass
The classic practical joke. You already know what it does. Now just sit back and laugh.
The Practical Joke Store Online

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Disappearing Ink, Dirty Soap, Dollar Bill Snatcher, Dribble Glass, Exploding Pen, Instant Gel Joke,
Itching Powder, Joy Buzzer, Hand Buzzer, Fake Lottery Tickets
Dirty Face Soap
Real Soap....but with a great difference. The more they scrub the dirtier they'll get!
Classic Exploding Pen
Classic Gag! Offer your pen to someone...then when they pull the cap off get ready to clean up their mess when a super loud bang goes off. Requires separate purchase of caps to work.
Super Loud 'Bang' Caps -- 72 Shots
Super Loud "Bang" Caps for use in all exploding items. 72 shots per package.